Save time for your people, see more patients, grow your practice

We help fertility clinics operate at the top of their license by automating up to 56 minutes of patient admin, education, and consent work per patient.

The result? Your people have room to work at their best and breathe. Your patients are confident and well-informed. Your practice thrives.


Engage patients and build confidence for better patient conversion

Improving access to care is what carers love to do, but stress, lack of confidence, and confusion about finance means a large percentage of patients drop out. EngagedMD makes it easier for you to engage with patients through the early stages of the fertility process — so more of them progress to getting the care they need, faster.

  • Onboard with ease

    EngagedMD’s new patient modules and paperwork get your patients on board fast, giving them a clear idea of the journey ahead.

  • Seeing the path forward

    We give patients the tools to navigate and complete the next step in their journey — no matter what their journey looks like.

  • Making sense of finance

    Our financial learning modules demystify fertility finance with primers on insurance coverage and self-pay funding options.

Fertility eLearning module list
Fertility eLearning module list

Prepare your patients for fertility treatment

Before starting treatment, patients need to understand the complex fertility process and make many decisions about their care. In-person classes, long phone calls, and internet misinformation are bad for your patients and your team. They create unrealistic expectations and cause annoying delays.

EngagedMD gives patients the tools they need to learn about their treatment options at their own speed and from the comfort of their homes. So, when you’re together with your patients, you can give them the expert personalized care they need — and support more patients with your extra time.

  • Get into the details without eating into your time

    Educate patients and partners about the details of their treatment options through our expansive fertility eLearning content library.

  • Wave goodbye to Dr. Google

    Cut out unnecessary phone calls and set realistic expectations with customizable information coming directly from their care team — instead of Dr. Google.

  • Inform patients of all the options

    Enable patients to understand all of their treatment options, including genetic testing, while allowing staff to submit test requisition forms quickly and easily.

Straightforward, personalized medication training

Effective medication training can minimize the risk of error and create a positive patient experience, but lengthy medication classes and generic, outdated videos create confusion and erode patients’ confidence.

EngagedMD has partnered with SMP Pharmacy Solutions to modernize injection training through MedReady, a proven way to better support patients with their medications.

  • Save time for your people and patients

    Replace time-consuming in-office injection education with 90+ minutes of modular, protocol-based medication training videos.

  • Make it personal

    Personalize the experience for patients with modules designed specifically for their protocol and prescription.

  • Provide flexible, patient-friendly learning

    Engage patients with modern digital content that’s customizable and always kept up to date — and track successful completion.

Feel-better software

Antiquated point solutions powered by servers in a closet won’t cut it for your practice or your patients. Take the friction out of front-line care with an intuitive cloud-based platform that evolves with your needs.

  • Seamless integration

    Get rid of redundant data entry and multiple logins using our pre-built integrations with your most commonly used fertility tools.

  • Personalized workflows

    EngagedMD is highly customizable and configurable to ensure your digital workflows optimize your in-person workflows.

  • Better night's sleep

    We make data privacy and security our top priority —so you can make better patient care yours.

Get your people up-to-speed. And keep them there!

Getting new fertility staff up-to-speed and contributing can take forever, eating into the time and energy of your best-trained team members. With EngagedMD, you can better train and retain your staff members through a digital learning program designed for new fertility staff.

  • Faster onboarding

    Get new staff members on board fast with complimentary access to our patient-facing eLearning modules

  • Deeper knowledge

    Deepen professional knowledge with FertilitySkills, an eLearning platform for clinical experts — brought to you by Ferring Pharmaceuticals and powered by EngagedMD.


eLearn: easy learning for patients, at their own pace

Our learning platform is easy to use anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device, and seamlessly integrates into your clinic’s workflows. This enables your patients to make the best decision faster and saves time for your front-line clinical team so they can work at the top of their license.

  • Comprehensive eLearn Library

    Patient-friendly, medically-accurate learning videos on the most frequently-performed treatment topics.

  • Embedded Knowledge Checks

    Embedded knowledge checkpoints at key stages make sure your patients are ready to move to the next topic.

  • Actionable Patient Comprehension Insights

    eLearn makes it easy for you to view your patients’ learning progress — and identify any areas they need to focus on.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Track your patients’ progress through the education process, so you know that they’re fully informed — and you’re legally covered.

  • Automated Patient Reminders

    Set automatic alerts to remind patients of important learning deadlines.

  • Video Replay

    Patients can rewind or review any module as often as they like to grasp key concepts.

eSign: digital paperwork. Signed, saved, sorted.

Guarantee that every form is completed correctly. A clear, easily viewed audit trail details your patients’ progress across your entire practice. No missing steps. No missing signatures.

  • Use your Existing Forms

    We’ll digitize your patient-facing forms in any language for use on the EngagedMD platform

  • Systematic Safeguarding

    eSign guides patients through every field, on every form for failsafe completion and total peace of mind

  • Email Reminders and Alerts

    eSign alerts your patients and your staff to any incomplete or outstanding forms

  • Robust and Reliable

    eSign is built on the DocuSign platform trusted by businesses around the world

  • Legally-binding

    Electronic signatures have the same legal status as ink-on-paper signatures

  • Integration with Leading EMRs

    eSign automatically sends completed forms to your patient’s EMR record

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