How Midwest Fertility Specialists utilizes EngagedMD for improved outcomes

How Midwest Fertility Specialists utilizes EngagedMD for improved outcomes

Midwest Fertility Specialists faced a complex challenge. The clinic wanted to maintain their commitment to personalized, high-quality care while optimizing patient education and administrative processes. The nursing staff had numerous responsibilities, including teaching injection techniques and educating IVF patients. Additional administrative tasks — such as collecting IVF pregnancy outcome data for SART/CDC reporting and managing consent forms — further complicated their daily operations.

Cutting consults by 20 minutes: The impact of EngagedMD implementation

After implementing EngagedMD, a significant shift took place. New patient consultations became more streamlined, taking less time and yielding more focused discussions. IVF prep sessions, led by experienced nurses, became notably more efficient. Patients who had completed their assigned EngagedMD modules came prepared with questions, making these sessions 15 to 20 minutes shorter but more productive.

"I can tell within just a few minutes whether or not patients have completed their EngagedMD modules. Those who have are much better prepared," said Cheryl Hendrix, a registered nurse and patient educator at the clinic.

Beyond time and administrative efficiency

EngagedMD's influence extended beyond time savings and administrative efficiency. It became an invaluable educational resource, helping patients better understand infertility, diagnostic testing, and treatment plans. The platform also simplified the consent process, allowing electronic completion and eliminating the need for partners to be physically present for signatures. Moreover, patients appreciated the flexibility to review modules at their own pace, significantly reducing feelings of overwhelm.

"It's nice to be able to reassure patients that they can watch and re-watch modules on their schedules and in the comfort of their own homes to gain confidence," Hendrix added.

Future outlook: Sustained excellence in patient care

EngagedMD has been a catalyst for positive change at Midwest Fertility Specialists. It has improved patient care and decreased staff workload, particularly in consent collection, patient education, and other administrative tasks. With increased operational efficiency, the clinic is well-positioned to continue providing high-quality, personalized care while accommodating a growing number of patients.