eLearn Workflows and Libraries

Use this page to navigate our educational module libraries and recommended workflows. These are developed from the ground up for each specialty and geography, and our team of experts will develop a custom implementation plan based on your unique goals.

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More time for you. Less hassle for them.

On-demand and flexible education so patients can control how and when they learn - arriving at your practice better informed, confident and ready to proceed.

  • The right lessons at the right time

    Automatically assign educational modules at various points along the patient journey - cutting down on admin for your team, and making patients’ lives easier too.

  • Confident, well-informed patients

    Well-informed means they have the right expectations of you, make the right decisions for them, and have a better experience at your practice.

  • Best practices in learning, so you can provide the best care

    Our experts create premium learning modules for patients to consume in their own time. So you can spend more time in person focused on issues that matter most.

eLearn: easy learning for patients, at their own pace

Easy to use from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly integrated into your clinic’s workflows. Our learning platform means your patients make the best decision faster - saving time for your frontline clinical team so they can work at the top of their license.

  • Comprehensive eLearn Library

    Patient-friendly, medically accurate learning videos on the most frequently performed treatment topics.

  • Embedded Knowledge Checks

    Embedded knowledge checkpoints at key stages make sure your patients are ready to move to the next topic.

  • Actionable Patient Comprehension Insights

    eLearn makes it easy for you to view your patients’ learning progress - and identify any areas they need to focus on.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Track your patients’ progress through the education process - so you know that they’re fully informed. And you’re legally covered.

  • Automated Patient Reminders

    Alerts your patients as important learning deadlines approach.

  • Video Replay

    Patients can rewind or review any module as often as they like to grasp key concepts.

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Seattle Reproductive Medicine

What would you do if your clinic staff had more hours in the day? For Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM), the answer is clear: provide a better, more personalized care experience and increase access to care.

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