Save time, see more patients, grow your practice

We help gastroenterology clinics operate at the top of their license by automating large amounts of patient education.

The result?

Unnecessary appointments are eliminated, allowing you to see more patients and grow your direct access population. Your people have room to breathe and work at their best. Your patients are confident and well-informed. Your practice thrives.

Engage patients and build confidence for a better patient experience

Embracing digital patient education improves access to care, empowers patients to make informed decisions, and saves valuable time for you and your staff.

EngagedMD streamlines the treatment pathway, enabling patients to quickly identify their needs and preferences, which serves to accelerate their journey toward effective care solutions and your journey toward building a more robust direct access population.

  • Get into the details, without eating into your time

    Educate patients about the details of their diagnostic options through our growing GI eLearning content library. Grow your Direct Access Colonoscopy program by digitizing patient education.

  • Making sense of care options

    Our Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy modules demystify common GI procedures with patient-friendly primers on procedure details, preparation, and risks.

Better bowel prep, fewer cancellations, improved outcomes

Misunderstood bowel prep instructions can lead to unintended consequences like last-minute cancellations and less effective procedures. Reinforced patient education not only cuts down on confusion and patient inquiries to staff, but has also shown to improve bowel prep quality — which is associated with reduced post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer risk.

EngagedMD empowers patients to understand their procedure — and how to prepare for it — at their own pace and from the comfort of home. This approach facilitates higher-quality consultations focused on delivering specialized, personalized care and allows you to support even more patients with the time you save.

  • Wave goodbye to Dr. Google

    Cut out unnecessary phone calls and help patients set realistic expectations with customizable information coming directly from their care team – instead of Dr. Google.

  • Say hello to streamlined, informed care

    Empower patients with comprehensive knowledge about their colonoscopy or upper endoscopy procedure, covering preparation, risks, benefits, and alternatives. Enable staff to automatically assign relevant educational content quickly and easily.

Feel better software.

Antiquated point solutions run on servers in a closet won’t cut it for your practice, or your patients. Take the friction out of front-line care with an intuitive cloud-based platform that evolves with your needs.

  • Seamless with your tech stack

    Get rid of redundant data entry and multiple logins using our pre-built integrations with your most commonly used GI clinic tools.

  • Personalized for your workflows

    EngagedMD is highly customizable and configurable to ensure your digital workflows optimize your in-person workflows.

  • Sleep well at night

    We make data privacy and security our top priority, so you can make better patient care yours. 

EngagedMD Character Doc Joy
  • 2 million

    patients have used EngagedMD

  • 20,000

    medical staff trust in EngagedMD


eLearn: Fast, easy 
at-home learning for patients 

Our gastroenterology learning platform is easy to use anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device. Plus, seamless integration with eSign facilitates faster decision-making for patients and saves time for your frontline clinical team.

  • Comprehensive GI eLearn Library

    Patient-friendly, medically accurate learning videos on the most frequently performed GI procedures.

  • Embedded Knowledge Checks

    Knowledge checkpoint questions at key stages make sure your patients are ready to move to the next topic.

  • Actionable Patient Comprehension Insights

    eLearn makes it easy to view your patients’ learning progress and quickly identify any gaps in knowledge and understanding.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Track your patients’ progress through the education process, so you know that they’re fully informed — and you’re legally covered.

  • Automated Patient Reminders

    Alerts your patients and your staff as learning deadlines approach.

  • Video Replay

    Patients can rewind or review any module as often as they like to grasp key concepts.

Dive into samples from our learning modules

eSign: Digital paperwork. Signed, saved, sorted.

Ditch the expense and frustration of outdated paper-based processes with eSign — a digital paperwork solution that guarantees completed patient paperwork every time.

No missing steps, no missing signatures, and staff can review and sign when it's convenient for them. Plus, an easily accessible audit trail lets you review patient interactions and consents in minutes.

  • Use Your Existing Forms

    We’ll digitize your patient-facing forms in any language for use on the EngagedMD platform.

  • Systematic Safeguarding

    eSign guides patients through every field on every form, ensuring failsafe completion and total peace of mind.

  • Email Reminders and Alerts

    eSign alerts your patients and your staff to any incomplete or outstanding forms.

  • Robust and Reliable

    eSign is built on the DocuSign platform trusted by businesses around the world.

  • Legally-binding

    Electronic signatures on eSign have the same legal status as ink-on-paper signatures.

  • Integration with Leading EMRs

    eSign automatically sends completed forms to your patient’s EMR record.

Using EngagedMD has cut my number of late night bowel prep questions by more than half

What we were doing, patients who are now scheduled with us for direct access, meaning they don't come to the office at all... We really are relying on EngagedMD to talk to them about the [bowel] prep and what they need to do and to have that consent conversation.

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