Save time, reach more patients, accelerate your research

We help research staff, sponsors, and CROs by automating and standardizing key admin aspects of their clinical trial operations — including study recruitment, education, and consent.

The result? 

Your people can focus on the research itself. Patients are comfortable and well-informed with standardized information across multiple sites. Larger audiences of potential research participants become accessible and clinical trial recruitment speeds up.

Engage patients and deliver a better participant experience

Participant recruitment and retention are crucial to the success of any study, but often fear, confusion, and lack of confidence result in high dropout rates and a general hesitancy to participate.

EngagedMD facilitates easy, effective engagement in the early stages of the recruitment process — so you can quickly generate interest, comfort, and confidence among potential participants.

  • Recruit with ease

    EngagedMD's high-quality recruitment modules and seamless paperwork solutions get participants on board fast — saving you valuable time and giving them a clear idea of the journey ahead.

  • Empower participants

    We give participants the tools they need to understand the research process at the earliest touchpoint, ensuring ample time to learn and decide. Best of all, they can do it at their own pace from the comfort of home.

  • Sustain engagement

    Our software platform enables seamless and effective communication with research participants, enhancing their experience and allowing you to mitigate drop-out rates more efficiently.

Make life easier for your research staff

Conventional recruitment strategies like brochures, phone and email campaigns, and digital marketing cost significant staff time and resources with no guarantee that the full spectrum of potential candidates is reached.

EngagedMD streamlines delivery of pre-consent education, reaching more potential participants in less time — and, once participants join and staff are in place, you can easily distribute consistent, comprehensive information to all parties involved without any of the usual complications.

  • Get into the details, without eating into your time

    Educate potential candidates about the details of research participation through your custom clinical trial eLearning content library.

  • Standardize information for everyone involved

    Deliver a consistent, comprehensive overview of the study to every participant, regardless of the site or the research coordinator in charge.

  • Bring staff up to speed too

    Leverage our eLearning platform to provide uniform clinical trial operations and protocols training to research staff at every site, so your team can execute with ease and consistency.

Feel better software.

Antiquated point solutions run on servers in a closet won’t cut it for your research, partners, or participants. Take the friction out of clinical trials with an intuitive cloud-based platform that evolves with your needs.

  • Seamless with your tech stack

    Get rid of redundant data entry and multiple logins using our pre-built integrations with your most commonly used clinical research tools.

  • Personalized for your workflows

    EngagedMD is highly customizable and configurable to ensure your digital workflows optimize your in-person workflows.

  • Sleep well at night

    We make data privacy and security our top priority, so you can make exceptional research and patient care yours.

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    patients have used EngagedMD

  • 20,000

    medical staff trust in EngagedMD


eLearn: Fast, easy, at-home learning for research participants

Our clinical trials learning platform is easy to use anytime, anywhere, from any device. Plus, seamless integration with eSign means your participants can make the right decisions faster — saving time for your frontline research team so they can operate at their full potential.

  • Custom eLearn Library

    Patient-friendly, purpose-built learning videos on the most important study topics.

  • Embedded Knowledge Checks

    Embedded knowledge checkpoint questions at key stages make sure your participants are ready to move to the next topic.

  • Actionable Insights

    eLearn makes it easy for you to view your participants’ learning progress and quickly identify gaps in knowledge and understanding.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Track participants’ progress through the education process to ensure they’re fully informed and you’re legally covered.

  • Automated Patient Reminders

    Alert your participants and your staff as learning deadlines approach.

  • Video Replay

    Participants can rewind or review any module as often as they like to grasp key concepts.

eSign: Digital paperwork. Signed, saved, sorted.

Ditch the expense and frustration of outdated paper-based processes with eSign — a digital paperwork solution that guarantees complete participant paperwork every time.

No missing steps, no missing signatures, and research teams can review and sign when it's convenient for them. Plus, an easily accessible audit trail lets you review participant interactions and consents in minutes.

  • Use Your Existing Forms

    We’ll digitize your participant-facing forms in any language for use on the EngagedMD platform — including interest/intake forms, screening questionnaires, informed consents, patient-reported information, etc.

  • Systematic Safeguarding

    eSign guides participants through every field on every form ensuring fail safe completion and total peace of mind.

  • Email Reminders and Alerts

    eSign alerts your participants and your staff to any incomplete or outstanding forms.

  • Robust and Reliable

    eSign is built on the DocuSign platform trusted by businesses around the world.

  • Legally-binding

    Electronic signatures on eSign have the same legal status as ink-on-paper signatures.

  • Easy Integrations

    eSign automatically sends completed forms to EMRs and other integrated clinical management systems.

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