Medicine is about people, not paperwork.

By automating paperwork, EngagedMD’s eSign saves patients and staff from fiddly admin, radically reduces errors, and wins back time and energy for the work that really matters — taking care of patients and ensuring good clinical outcomes.


How eSign works

Our platform digitizes paperwork for patients and clinical staff, eliminating the need to chase down missing documents and delivering meaningful time savings to your team — so you can catch your breath and have that coffee.

Take the pressure off. Win back time.

Automate paper-based processes and deliver meaningful time savings to front-line staff.

  • Cut back on admin

    Automation means your team no longer needs to chase patients for appointments or for missing paperwork — saving time and hassle for your people and your patients.

  • Confident, well-informed patients

    Old-fashioned manual paperwork leaves room for error. Using digital forms, a practice already familiar to most patients, cuts out errors — making life easier for patients, and establishing a failsafe audit trail for clinics.

  • Best practices in learning, so you can provide the best care

    EngagedMD’s cloud-based platform lets busy patients decide when and where to complete and sign documents — and it fits seamlessly into your existing workflows. Less printing, less scanning, less stressing.

In a study of more than 3,000 patients, 88% of users reported that EngagedMD made them better prepared to give consent.

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eSign — digital paperwork. Signed, saved, sorted.

Guarantee that every form is completed correctly. A clear, easily-viewed audit trail details your patients’ progress across your entire practice. No missing steps. No missing signatures.

  • Use Existing Forms

    We’ll digitize your patient-facing forms in any language for use on the EngagedMD platform.

  • Systematic Safeguarding

    eSign guides patients through every field, on every form for failsafe completion and total peace of mind.

  • Email Reminders and Alerts

    eSign alerts your patients and your staff to any incomplete or outstanding forms.

  • Robust and Reliable

    eSign is built on the DocuSign platform trusted by businesses around the world.

  • Legally-Binding

    Electronic signatures have the same legal status as ink-on-paper signatures.

  • Integration with Leading EMRs

    eSign automatically sends completed forms to your patient’s EMR record.

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Case Study

Helping to ease growing pains for the UK’s largest fertility group

CARE Fertility is a pioneer in fertility treatment and research, responsible for introducing over 40,000 babies to their forever families. In response to the growing demand for personalized assisted conception, CARE has been consistently adding to its own family, with state-of-the-art clinics in eight major cities across the UK and Ireland, as well as a growing number of satellite clinics that provide patients with local access to consultations and treatment cycle monitoring.

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