Advancing fertility patient education: A collaborative journey with CCRM and EngagedMD

Advancing fertility patient education: A collaborative journey with CCRM and EngagedMD

Maria Patch, Senior Manager, Clinical Education & Training, and Ashlee Laroue, Clinical Nurse Educator at CCRM, found themselves at a crossroads last year. Traditional methods of patient education weren’t scaling as the network grew. "It wasn’t sustainable to teach live classes anymore," noted Ashlee. After an exhaustive search, they found their match in EngagedMD. "When we met with EngagedMD, I felt like it was the right fit," Maria said. The partnership was immediate and transformative. "We talk about EngagedMD every day, and we just love it," Patch added. And for a good reason - across the 12 CCRM locations and 57 providers we currently partner with, based on EngagedMD's average savings of 37 minutes per patient for eLearn customers, the network has saved approximately 12,831 hours on patient education since 2022. 

Bridging the gap in patient education 

Before EngagedMD, CCRM faced the challenge of delivering consistent, high-quality patient education. The previous live and in-person education method was inconvenient and frequently ineffective for patients and time-consuming for staff, who spent hours — often entire days — on teaching and documentation. EngagedMD's solution offered a more well-rounded approach. "Now we have EngagedMD modules and still have live interaction that is more strategic and specific to each patient's cycle calendar, treatment, and medications," Ashlee said. This shift has allowed CCRM to accommodate different learning styles, making the education process more inclusive and effective. The EngagedMD module format also removed privacy concerns, allowing patients to learn without being on camera or attending live classes where they felt nervous about asking questions in a group setting.

The win-win impact on staff and patient experience

The modules have been a game-changer for both patients and staff. 

"Staff can now direct conversations more efficiently," Ashlee notes. 

The modules have empowered patients to come to consultations better prepared, reducing the repetitive questions staff receive. "I used to get asked the same question six times a day. That's on us for not explaining it properly, not the patients," Maria reflects. Providers notice the impact. Patients who've watched the modules come in with specific questions and are more prepared, engaged, and informed about their situation and the journey ahead. This saves time and deepens discussions, making addressing sensitive topics like fertility treatment easier.

Since implementing EngagedMD, CCRM has educated over 18,000 patients with almost 95,000 EngagedMD module assignments. 

As with nearly 95% of other CCRM patients, this patient felt the modules provided a valuable addition to their patient journey, helping them feel more confident and better prepared to face their diagnosis, 

“Very well described and articulated, and at a pace that I could digest and review, which sometimes is not possible when you are on a call with your doctor simply because you don’t have time to fully process all of the important information that is being provided.”

A partnership for the future

The partnership between EngagedMD and CCRM is not just about solving immediate challenges; it's about aligning with a partner that can adapt and grow with CCRM's evolving needs. Maria and Ashlee see EngagedMD as an integral part of CCRM's future. "CCRM, at its core, wants to push the envelope for fertility and fertility treatment," Ashlee said. Maria echoed this sentiment, 

"CCRM has big goals in the next 5-8 years, and we have no doubt that EngagedMD can keep up with that." 

Patients will continue to benefit from the partnership as well.  One patient stated, “We have worked with a previous clinic and did not get support like this. This was really helpful and shows the level of investment by CCRM.” CCRM and EngagedMD are setting an unprecedented fertility treatment standard, revolutionizing how patients are cared for.