Make your medical practice run like magic

Clinical teams, practices, and patients everywhere suffer from cumbersome, disconnected software.  Technology is not delivering on its promise to ease pressure, reduce stress, and keep patients informed. In fact, it’s causing complexity and confusion — and wasting time.

  • Staff time is consumed by admin tasks

    When they want to spend time on the work that really matters to them — caring for patients.

  • Patients are overwhelmed and stressed out

    Because healthcare is getting more complex and difficult to navigate

  • Practices are missing an opportunity to treat more patients

    Because patients feel unsupported and staff are overwhelmed.

The Care Experience Platform

When technology is designed in an intuitive, human-first way — instead of a jumble of features cobbled together on antiquated software — it can be a vital tool in enabling care teams to achieve the best healthcare outcomes.

EngagedMD’s Care Experience Platform is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. It's not just a software platform — it's a continually-evolving operating system that streamlines and enhances the care experience.

CareXP's pillars

  • Education-focused

    By weaving education throughout the CareXP platform, every function builds engagement, confidence, and expertise in navigating the next step of the care journey.

  • Exceptional-usability

    In healthcare,  poor usability isn't just an irritation — it can lead to critical medical errors, poor outcomes, and burned-out staff. We’ve worked relentlessly to make our interface easy to use and quick to learn — speeding up adoption, boosting efficiency, and delighting everyone involved.

  • Open and flexible

    CareXP works beautifully with existing systems, and it’s easy to connect third-party systems through our open APIs, native integrations, and robust developer support. Not only does our open platform support endless customization, but it ensures scalability as your practice and tech stack grows.

  • Specialty-specific

    Experiences on CareXP are tailored to the unique needs of each medical specialty. By bringing purpose-built workflows into different areas of medical practice, we enable better outcomes.

Enterprise-ready: built for practices of all shapes and sizes.

EngagedMD's Care Experience Platform scales with your practice. Whether you're a small clinic, a large network, or a hospital system, our platform can handle your needs.

  • Scalability

    Our platform is built to grow with you. As your practice expands, CareXP can easily accommodate more users, more patient data, and more complex workflows.

  • Security and compliance

    We prioritize the safety and privacy of your data. Our platform is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and HIPAA, and is SOC2 Type 2 audited. We also offer features like audit logging, single sign-on (SSO), and role-based access control to further enhance security.

  • Unparalleled support

    Comprehensive documentation, in-app support, implementation assistance, and dedicated customer success managers ensure you get the most out of CareXP.

  • Custom reporting

    Our dedicated data analysts support our customers with custom reports and dashboards. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide insights that drive decision-making.

The EngagedMD difference

It was a game-changer. I fell in love with EngagedMD right away”

The staff couldn’t be more full of praise for EngagedMD. They’ve grabbed it with both hands.

With EngagedMD in place, we’re able to pare down that 60 to 90-minute appointment to maybe a 15-minute phone conversation and convert that time into shorter consults that are focused on individual patient needs.