Caregivers Get a ‘Helping Hand’ from EngagedMD’s New Brand Identity

Caregivers Get a ‘Helping Hand’ from EngagedMD’s New Brand Identity

[Washington, DC]—EngagedMD, a leading platform for automating patient education and administration, today announced the launch of a new brand identity, signaling the company’s growth into new markets with new automation capabilities. 

EngagedMD was founded 10 years ago to help providers in the fertility industry efficiently obtain informed consent. The company has since evolved to deliver value across the entire patient journey and multiple medical specialities — saving caregivers up to 56 minutes of education and administrative work per day.

At the heart of EngagedMD’s brand lies a core concept: 'Helping Hands.' Staffing shortages and increased patient demand mixed with antiquated software solutions have led to overworked and burned-out staff.

“How many times have you or your staff wished for an extra pair of hands, a helping ally to lighten your load? That's precisely the need EngagedMD seeks to meet,” explains Jeff Issner, Co-founder and Co-CEO at EngagedMD.

The brand’s new visual identity brings this idea to life through a team of vibrant characters, each one representing a facet of the healthcare ecosystem — doctors, nurses, and administrative staff — all working harmoniously. They personify EngagedMD’s solutions and depict the company’s goal of providing an extra pair of hands, offering assistance through automation and steady support.

EngagedMD’s updated slogan, "Helping Carers Carry on Caring," reinforces this mission and signifies the brand’s commitment to empowering caregivers to focus on what they love most — patient care.

EngagedMD’s launch also includes key brand elements like an updated logo, colors, typography, and iconography, all designed to help communicate the brand’s promise of helping carers operate at the top of their licenses.

“We're thrilled to introduce you to our strategic rebranding,” says Issner. “But rest assured, it isn't just about a refreshed look — it's a meaningful stride in our journey of becoming the care experience platform.”

About EngagedMD

People perform best when they are empowered to do the work they love. The thing doctors and nurses love is taking care of people. EngagedMD automates patient education and admin, two time-intensive functions that get in the way of carers actually caring for people. Medical practices that use EngagedMD save up to 56 minutes of patient time per day. Which means more time for high-quality consults, more space to support patients, and more moments to breathe. The effect? Happier staff taking better care of more people.