Helping carers carry on caring

EngagedMD helps carers operate at the top of their license by automating up to 56 minutes of education and admin work per patient.

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What would you do with an extra hour a day?

Medical practices that use EngagedMD get more time for high-quality consults, more space to support patients, and more moments to breathe.

Medicine is about people,
not paperwork

From paperwork to patient education, EngagedMD automates tedious, time-consuming tasks, which means less time on admin and more time for care.

  • Automate patient learning with online video-based education
  • Digitize patient paperwork and signatures
  • Track patient progress and automate routine reminders
  • Standardize patient workflows and journeys

More time to care

By empowering doctors and nurses to do the work they love, EngagedMD gives carers more time for high-quality consults, more space to support patients, and more moments to breathe.

  • Deliver better staff and patient experiences
  • Create more effective and efficient consultations
  • Personalize the process and increase patient satisfaction
97% of patients say EngagedMD helps improve consultations

Make your practice run like magic

Take the friction out of front-line care with an intuitive software platform designed specifically for your specialty and constantly evolving with your needs.

  • Launch in days, not months
  • Integrate seamlessly with your EMR and workflows
  • Get the latest features with auto updates
99% of medical staff say EngagedMD make their life easier

One less thing to worry about

Automation helps cut out human error, protecting you from stressful and potentially risky mistakes—and keeping you compliant.

  • Ensure all forms are completed and signed
  • Embed knowledge checks to ensure comprehension
  • Mitigate the risk of lawsuits and malpractice claims
  • Keep a comprehensive audit trail
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And breathe.

56 extra minutes means more time for real connection, quality care, and an extra cup of kindness.

More time to... Spend with family. Grab a coffee. Sleep! Actually eat lunch!

It's just a meaningful use of both the nurses and the patients’ time because it's more talking about the journey that the patient is going to embark on and not the logistics, like consents and signatures.

The staff couldn’t be more full of praise for EngagedMD. They’ve grabbed it with both hands.

With EngagedMD in place, we’re able to pare down that 60 to 90-minute appointment to maybe a 15-minute phone conversation and convert that time into shorter consults that are focused on individual patient needs.

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